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Tall Ships Races arrives in Vågen

Tall Ships Races 2018, Day I. Crowded with ships and spectators. Photo: Pieter Winen / Norway Today Media


Tall Ships Races arrives in Stavanger

The Inner Harbour of Stavanger (Vågen) is filling up with Sailships, food stalls and spectators. Not to forget activities for young and old related to the sea. In other words, Tall Ships Races 2018 has started in Stavanger. 


Norway Today is proud to present some impressions from a Vågen on yet another wonderful day in Stavanger – sorry farmers, but you have to endure a few more days of drought! For you who have had the sense or luck to be at the right place at the right time, enjoy! For the rest of you, plan ahead for the next time.

It is estimated that more than 300,000 people will attend to the spectacle this year, so it will demand some patience if you want to say, partake in a tour of one or more of the magnificent ships. Just watching them come to port under full sails is well worth it.

The choice of food is somewhat less than during Gladmat, but quite a few vendors of food have chosen to stay on, not only locals.



© Pieter Wijnen / #Norway Today