Flynn: Trump’s team behind Russian contact

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Flynn claims members of Trump’s team steered his Russian contact

Former security adviser Michael Flynn claims that people in Trump’s transition team steered his contact with Russia. Flynn is now cooperating with the investigations regarding Russian influence.


Flynn was Friday charged with perjury when he informed about his contact with Russia. He acknowledged culpability at a hearing shortly after the charge was made public and then issued a statement.

– What I did was wrong, Flynn writes.

He confirms that he cooperates with special investigator Robert Müller and his investigation team.

– To admit guilt was a way to make up to the best for my family and country. I admit total responsibility for my actions, Flynn writes.

Müller’s prosecutor said at the hearing on Friday that Flynn last year had talks with senior officials in Trump’s transition team regarding his discussions with Russia’s Ambassador Sergei Kisljak regarding sanctions imposed by the Obama administration towards Russia.

Specifically, Flynn spoke with a senior member of Trump’s transition team at Trump’s Golf Resort Mar-A-Lago in Florida. There they talked about what Flynn should say to the Russian ambassador.

Flynn’s concession is of great importance, meaning that Müller believes Flynn has information that will lead to the prosecution of other people in Trump’s sphere, says a prominent defense attorney, Gerald Lefcourt.

– This is the beginning of the end. Flynn is the key to everything, says Lefcourt to CNBC.

– It has been extremely painful to have to undergo many months of falsee accusations of treason and other grave acts, Flynn writes in his statement.

The confession made by Flynn can not be linked to the White House

Nothing in former security advisor Michael Flynn’s confession can be linked to anyone else in the White House, claims lawyer for the Trump Administration.

– This does not implicate anybody else than Flynn himself, says lawyer Ty Cobb, who is employed by President Donald Trump to advise on the Russian case and deal with media inquiries.

He also belittles Flynn’s role in the Trump administration. He only worked for Trump for 25 days, he points out, and calls Flynn an official linked to the Obama administration.

Cobb claims Flynn’s “false claims” reflects the incorrect statements he gave to officials in the White House earlier, which led him to be sacked in February.

American stock exchanges down after Flynn admitted to be guilty

The US stock exchanges fell sharply after former Trump advisor Michael Flynn declared to be guilty of perjury.

Shortly after this news, the US stock exchanges, which had opened the day marginally up, dropped significantly. The Dow Jones index was down 0.97 per cent at 6 pm CET, while Nasdaq was down 1.39 per cent.


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