Forest fire in Froland under control

Forest fireIllustrative image .... Forest fire.Photo:

The thicket fire at Mykland in Froland in Aust-Agder is under control.  The fire fighting crews expect to be putting out what is left of the fire throughout the night.

The fire is encircled and is reportedly under control, according to the 110 exchange in college on Twitter at 21.15. The fire fighters will continue working on putting out the fire throughout the night, and most likely also on Tuesday.
Just before four o’clock on Monday  firefighters turned out from Froland  to a scrub fire at the outer Langevann in Aust-Agder. This is a region that in 2008 burned for six days before firefighters got control of the flames.
– There are significant amounts of smoke, but fortunately the wind is not so strong, so we hope it goes well,  Harald Nedenes, duty officer at East Agder fire departments said to the newspaper Fædrelandsvennen.
Because it is not possible to drive a fire engine all the way to the site, the crews and equipment had to be transported by sixwheeler. Crew from Amli, Moland and Arendal was summoned to assist in the extinguishing efforts.
The fire on Mykland was one of three thicket fires in southern Norway Monday and fire brigade warns of great danger of forest fires.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today