Masked taggers created fear at the metro

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Masked taggers created fear at the metro

At least nine masked men blocked and tagged a Metro train at Bogerud station in Oslo on Friday evening.


– I sat in the carriage waiting for it to leave the station, when I suddenly saw several people wearing masks, says a passenger to VG about the incident, which happened at 9 pm on Friday.

– It smelled like gasoline, and I was scared. Everybody else too, therefore everyone ran out of the carriage. Some ran screaming out fearing that something was very seriously wrong, says the man who filmed the taggers after he got out.

The men ran towards the trainset at Bogerud station at Oslo East. They threw a cart in the track in front of it, thereby prevented it from leaving the station. After that they sprayed several carriages, tagging them down.

No one apprehended

Another witness says the tags looked very professional and that they were busy for several minutes before the police finally arrived.

– The perpetrators are still at large. We spent quite some time searching for them. They had ran in all directions before we arrived, says Tor Gulbrandsen, Operations Manager in the Oslo police district. In addition to police and a dog patrol, a helicopter was used in the search for them.

– Nobody is presently apprehended, but the case is under investigation, Gulbrandsen says. He says such events are quite common in Oslo.


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