Former poker club owner sentenced to 120 days in prison

Oslo Courthouse prostitutes trialOslo Courthouse.Photo. Norway Today Media

The former poker club owner, Kaja Jee Østvang (35) was sentenced to 120 days imprisonment for gross violations of the lottery law. She must also pay NOK 500,000.

Østvang appealed the judgment on the spot said TV 2 news.

The prosecution requested eight months in prison. The judgment from Oslo District Court was thus considerably milder than the prosecutors asked for. 90 days of the imprisonment period are also made conditional, so that Østvang will be in prison for a maximum of one month.

‘’Unconditional prison was inevitable, because the poker club Østvang ran had a professional aspect it said in the verdict.

Østvang ran the poker club, Quads, from 2015 until March last year, when 100 police officers participated in an armed action against the poker location in Oslo city center. Five clubs were shut down and a total of five people were arrested.

The Oslo police had investigated several poker clubs for a long time in advance of the arrests.

Østvang’s case was the first of gross violation of the lottery law to come before the court after the law was tightened in 2015.

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