The police enter into cooperation with security guards in order to safeguard Oslo

security guardsSecurity guards.Photo: Lise Åserud / Scanpix

On Monday, Oslo police district signed a cooperation agreement with six security companies to make Oslo’s streets safer.


The agreement will ensure that police and security officers interact to prevent crime, as well as maintain security, peace and order, wrote Oslo police district in a press release.

The police pointed out in the press release that the agreement will not give the guards in those companies concerned new powers, and that the guards will not do police work.

The purpose is to formalise cooperation that had already been incorporated into the relationship between the police and the capital’s security guards.

“With this new agreement, cooperation will be formalised, and responsibilities, roles and tasks will become clearer in daily work and in connection to major events. The police and security industry should involve each other in current plans, in, exercises, evaluation and learning, it stated in the press release.

In January, the Police Directorate and the Organization for Enterprise and Industry (NHO) signed a national cooperation agreement between the police and the security industry.


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