Former top diplomat strongly criticizes Listhaug

Kai EideKai Eide.Photo: Marte Christensen / NTB scanpix

Former leader of Høyre (H), and diplomat, Kai Eide, believes immigration minister, Sylvi Listhaug of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) is the clearest source of populist feeling in Norway.


‘Through her rhetoric, and the policies she stands for,’ said Eide to Dagbladet newspaper.

He has recently engaged in the case of the so-called ‘October children’.

‘My concern is not just about the asylum struggles of some Afghani youth. This is part of a major ‘values campaign’, which is about the pillars of our Western democracy, such as freedom of expression,and legal certainty.

They are now under more pressure than they were from populist sentiment’, said Eide.

He also questioned the policy of Prime Minister, Erna Solberg (H).

‘There is broad consensus in parliament that we must have a strict, fair and humane immigration policy. But when Solberg, some weeks before the election, said that we will have one of the strictest in Europe,that was something new’, said Eide.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today