Free taxi will take women home safely from Christmas table in Oslo


An offer of gratis taxi for women will make the Christmas table safer. The Natteravnene cooperate with Oslo Taxi and have been sponsored.

From Wednesday to Saturday, four pink electric taxis will run in the capital from 8 pm to 4 pm between November 15 and December 15. They can be hailed by women who want to come home from town. The Natteravnene can also call the taxis if they see someone who needs help getting home.

Vulnerable situation
– We see especially in the pre-Christmas period that young people often end up in undesirable situations and lack a plan for how to get home. Experience shows that girls are a particularly vulnerable group that can easily end up in a vulnerable situation with the risk of abuse, robbery and the like, says General Secretary Lars Norbom in the Natteravnene.

The measure is supported by SpareBank 1 Østlandet and Hafslund Nett.

“The cars will cover areas where we know that violent incidents often occur, but they also pick up passengers elsewhere,” says Norbom.

Free Offers
The idea of taxis for women is not new. There were trials in Oslo in 2012, and also in Bergen. But back in 2011, the Ministry of Transport and Communications stated that a proposal for lower rates for single women returning home at night would be in violation of the Equality Act.

However, Norbom assures NTB that the offer they are starting now is in line with the law, and indicates that it is not a matter of different tariffs, but a free offer.

Gender Equality Ombudsman (Likestillingsombudet) positive
Equality and discrimination ombudsman Hanne Bjurstrøm thinks this is a difficult question. The main rule is that gender discrimination is not allowed. Nevertheless, it is sometimes allowed to improve the position of vulnerable groups, she tells NTB.

In order to be able to assess specifically whether the taxi service is in accordance with the law, the ombud had to have more information about the need and the effect, she points out.

– But we do know that girls and women in particular feel insecure about having to go home in the evening and that it is strengthened during the period we are entering now, says Bjurstrøm.

– With this as a starting point, I think it is positive with various measures that can contribute to a greater sense of security in the public space.

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