Frp wants to remove road tax

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Frp wants to remove road tax for boat gasoline

The Progress Party wants to build marinas with duty free petrol pumps, so that petrol-driven boats will avoid road tax. Neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals agree.


Boats on the sea pay as much in road tax as cars on the road, NOK 5.19 per liter.

– This scheme is completely unfair, as it is organized today. Boats with diesel engines can fill duty-free diesel, while petrol-powered boats have to pay full road tax, says Hans Andreas Limi (Frp) to TV 2.

Wants to keep the CO2 tax

Frp has submitted the proposal for next year’s state budget, but both the Conservatives and the Liberals are critical of the proposal. They have considered increasing the tax by half a crown and 1 crown respectively instead.

Recreational boats are increasingly popular in Norway, and there are around 750,000 of them today. It is sold about 6 million liters of gasoline from Norwegian marinas every year, TV 2 estimates that the state therefore rakes in NOK 30-40 million in road tax from gasoline used by boats.

Frp wants to keep the CO2 tax.


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