Little genetically modified products in foods in Norway

DinnerDinner.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

There are few genetically modified goods in Norway. Only five samples of imported food and animal feed showed up as illegal genetically modified materials (GMOs) in 2017.

It is the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s annual monitoring and control program for gene modification that has carried out the tests. No GMO content was detected in the remaining 57 food samples and 80 feed samples.

– The results confirm that the presence of illegal GMO in Norway is still low. The figures do not differ significantly from previous years’ surveys, says Inga Torp Nielsen, Program Coordinator in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The five samples where high content of EU-approved GMOs were found was in soya tortillas from USA, vegetarian burgers from Malaysia, dried soya beans from Thailand and small-scale feed from the Netherlands. This was withdrawn from the market.

It is not permitted to market  food or feed produced on the basis of genetically modified organisms without the approval of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. There are currently no approved GM products in Norway.


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