High electricity prices have not affected the sales of firewood

firewoodFirewood.Photo. Pixabay

Last month there was a sharp jump in electricity prices, but it has not yet led to increased sales of firewood, according to several wood producers.

Few firewood producers that The nation has been in contact with reports they have been unaffected and have stable figures with firewood sales.

– “I think people want it warm. There is a difference in heat from a heat pump and a wood stove. People want it warm and they also want warmth and coziness,” says general manager Trond Fjørtoft in Kortreist Ved, which is a distribution channel for Norwegian wood producers.

Vedsentralen believes that electricity prices do not affect the sale of firewood.

– “The electricity price itself does not affect our sales much, but on the other hand, media coverage of upcoming cold and high electricity prices in anticipation is very effective,” says Sveinung Moesgaard Skjesol at Vedsentralen.

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