Google Assistant in Norwegian

Google Assistant NorwegianCommunications Manager in NRK, Helle Skjervold, asks her Google Assistant to call her mother. As of Tuesday you can talk to and ask Google in Norwegian. Photo: Øystein Tronsli Drablø / NRK

Google launches voice assistant in Norwegian

Google Assistant starts to understand and speak Norwegian on mobile phones and tablets as of today, Tuesday.


Google Assistant is a digital voice-activated app that allows people to talk to Google. According to Google, it will make it easier to get things done, whether it’s sending SMS, setting up reminders, playing music, finding out what you are curious about, finding your way or translate to and from another language.

In the near future, Google Assistant will be available on all compatible Android and iOS devices in Norway.

Professor at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business (NHH), Tor W. Andreassen, believes voice-activated assistants come in full force in several areas over the next few years.

– The long line here is really back to the 80’s when we operated the computers with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Then Steve Jobs made the mouse popular. After that came the touch and smart screens in rapid succession. Now we will turn to voice, says Andreassen to E24.

Journalist and Technology Adviser in NRK Beta, Eirik Solheim, says he is a little sceptical to the ease of use of the voice-activated assistants.

– I know I’m talking to a robot, and I have to think twice, put the words in correct order and remember grammatical rules that I can ignore when dealing with people. I often revert to the screen, which often is faster, says Solheim to NRK.


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