Grande cancels holiday to gather voters in the south and west

Pride Skei Grande LiberalsLiberal leader Trine Skei Grande Showing her Support. Photo : Norway Today Media

Grande cancels holiday to gather voters in the south and west

Liberal leader Trine Skei Grande drops the holiday and embarks on a road trip hoping to keep the party above the barrier limit.


Grande went out monday and will visit Arendal, Stavanger, Bergen and Førde during the week. A taste of Norwegian festivals will be held at Malakoff in Nordfjordeid on Friday, but it is a gathering of votes and not primarily natural and cultural experiences that are the goal of the round trip south and west of summer Norway.

– We must be able to make ourselves broader and show more than environmental policy. That is why I travel around to visit small businesses, says Grande to NTB.

Asking how worried she is about Venstre’s prospects at the election, she answers:

“I’m in the car, travel around the country and has canceled my vacation.

– We will be everywhere, she promises.

Hordaland Decisive?

According to Poll of polls, Deputy Terje Breivik’s ability to mobilize in his home county, Hordaland, largely determines Venster’s destiny after the election. Here the party received 5 percent support in a measurement Response Analysis made for Bergens Tidende in late June.

– If the election result corresponds to the last survey in all counties, and the counties deliver the same number of approved votes as in 2013, The Liberals end up at 4.1 percent, writes Poll of polls.

Grande believes the election campaign will be a struggle between those who want to reverse and those who want to join in and reform society “In order to keep the values on which it is built.”

Monday afternoon, she speaks at the Young Liberals summer camp at Hove, and then she will express her opinion about any cooperation between the Labour Party and the Centre Party.

– It’s an Alliance that does not have ambitions in areas that the Youth Liberals are concerned about, such as the environment, animal welfare, privacy and reforms in the school, she says.

Only one alternative against development of Lofoten

Grande believes the two parties will use large resources to reverse the reform of the municipality and lack the focus on technology at school. Without SV, she also fears ‘total development’ of oil fields outside Lofoten.

– For those who do not want to build Lofoten there is only one option, and it is to vote for the Liberals. Venstre is the only party that is really willing to put power behind the stance, she believes.

Ap is divided in the question of oil extraction near Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja. At the meeting, the party decided to open for an impact assessment of one of the fields outside Lofoten, Nordland VI. In its party program, the Centre Party do not concur to this.


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