Greenpeace in action against oil rig in Hammerfest

GreenpeacePhoto: Greenpeace

The environmental organization, Greenpeace, have again taken action against the oil rig, West Hercules, which will be drilling for Equinor in the Barents Sea.

Four activists from Greenpeace climbed up the sea-drilling rig, West Hercules, on Monday morning. The rig is located at a quay just outside Hammerfest in Finnmark.

The oil rig is being prepared for a new season of oil drilling in the Barents Sea that starts in May.

‘’Drilling for oil in the Arctic, when the Arctic is melting faster than ever before, is madness. We have to stop drilling for oil, which is why we are making nonviolent protests here today’’ said CEO, Frode Pleym, of
Greenpeace Norway.

‘Natur og Ungdom’ were also represented in the action.

‘’It is only a few weeks since school students across the country walked out of school in an action for the climate.

We demand that Norway take its share of the responsibility for climate change, and stop looking for more oil and gas’’ said Deputy Chairman, Halldis Helle of Natur og Ungdom.

The environmental organizations have together sued the state for breach of the Constitution’s environmental paragraph. They believe that the license for where West Hercules will drill in the Barents Sea is covered by the climate search case. According to the organizations,the award is contrary to the right of future generations to a liveable environment, which is enshrined in the Constitution.

The climate action case will go the Borgarting Court of Appeal in November.

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