Half believe that immigrants do not threaten Norwegian culture

The registered unemployment among immigrantsOslo The registered unemployment among immigrants . Photo Norway Today Media.

One in three Norwegians believe that immigrants threaten Norwegian culture, while more than half disagree with the statement, according to a new survey.

There are major differences between women and men, young and old and where one lives. Older men in rural areas are in the group most skeptical, shows the survey  that Response Analysis conducted for Aftenposten.
42 percent of respondents who live in the countryside believe immigration is a threat, compared with 29 percent in metropolitan areas.
Social scientist and professor of sociology at NTNU, Toril Aalberg, is not surprised over who is most skeptical.
– This is probably related to the introduction of some Muslim traditions and religious practices that many feel is strange, she says.
Looking at the political party affiliations there are also major differences, where the Red, SV and Liberal voters largely disagreed with the statement, whilst a clear majority, 78 percent, among FRP voters believe that immigration threatens the country’s culture.
SSB researcher Lars Ostby says more immigrants are affected by Norwegian culture than vice versa.
– I do not think this pessimism about integration is adequately justified in terms of issues such as education, employment and income. Immigrants take part in the Norwegian society in the same way as those who were here before them.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today