Half of holiday houses have less than 75 metres to their neighbour

LofotenLofoten.Photo: pixabay.com

The total number of holiday houses in Norway in 2016 was approximately 454 000.

48 per cent of these were located in densely built-up holiday house areas with a distance of less than 75 metres between houses.

The other 52 per cent are scattered holiday houses outside densely built-up holiday house areas.

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Holiday house areas are divided into the following size categories, and nearly a quarter of all holiday houses are located in small holiday house areas that consist of 5 to 24 holiday houses.

Only 9 per cent are located in a medium holiday house area, and 16 per cent are in a large holiday house area with 50 holiday houses or more.

Most holiday houses in Oppland and Buskerud
The counties Oppland and Buskerud have 10 per cent of all holiday houses each, which is more than any other county in Norway.

Popular holiday destinations such as Valdres, Hemsedal, Geilo, Hafjell and Norfjell are located here.

Nordland is the county with most scattered holiday houses. Here about 80 per cent of holiday houses are situated outside densely built-up holiday house areas.

Sjusjøen has the largest densely built-up holiday house area
There are more than 13 000 densely built-up holiday house areas in Norway, each of which consists of at least 5 holiday houses. These areas cover 395 km2.

Large holiday house areas with 50 holiday houses or more cover 146 km2, which equals 22 per cent of the total area.

The largest holiday house area, which covers 4.4 km2, is situated around Sjusjøen, a lake in the mountains in Ringsaker municipality, close to Lillehammer.


Source: SSB / Norway Today