Half working illegally according to A-Crime

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Major A-Crime action

More than 1,000 workers were checked in a major A-Crime campaign. Half of them were working illegally, according to the authorities.

According to Norwegian TV 2, the A-Crime Centres have taken action against hundreds of workplaces across the country.

The operation focused on the construction industry in the private market, i.e. enterprises that are refurbishing private homes.

In total, 323 inspectors from the various agencies have carried out control of 480 jobs along the coast from Rogaland to Trøndelag.

Half of the workers -520 to be precise- who were checked worked illegally. Many lacked Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) papers or even work permits. 70 people were banned from the work-place, 50 projects were closed immediately and six people were apprehended by the police.

Labour Minister Anniken Hauglie finds the result scary.

– It shows that there are many who do not employ serious players. Many avoid paying taxes. There is a lot of social benefits fraud and many are here illegally. The criminals are being hunted down and pushed back step by step. They are going to sleep very fitfully, says the Minister of Labour.

The sting is referred to as the largest operation ever against labour crime in Norway.

The A-Centres is a collaboration between the Labour Inspectorate, NAV, Police, Customs, Tax Administration and drug stores


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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