Harbour Master won against Bergen municipality

Bergen District Court. lecturer Harbour Master Sexual Abuse Dark RoomBergen District Court.Photo: wikipedia.org

Harbour Master Tangerås won in court against Bergen municipality

The Harbour Master of Bergen retains his position until his employment case is settled. The municipality must also pay his legal fees, the Bergen County Court has decided.


The Harbour Master in Bergen, Inge Tangerås, can remain in his position until his work case is settled, according to Bergens Tidende. It was decided after Tangerås won in Bergen District Court, against the municipality and Bergen and Omland Havnevesen (BOH). The municipality of Bergen must also pay NOK 48,000 in costs to Tangerås.

– Bergen Municipality failed to win their case. Tangerås is clear that he is ready to stay in the position until his employment case is settled, says the Harbour Master’s lawyer, Svein Aage.

Notification period

Tangerås was fired from his position of BOH in February after corruption charges against him and former Mayor of Bergen, Trude Drevland. The case was dismissed, but BOH thinks that Tangerås does not have the necessary confidence to continue in the position of Harbor Master. They did therefore not allow him to work during the notice period. Tangerås answered by going to court.


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