Hiker found alcohol depot in the woods

6 liters of pure alcohol each of us last yearAlcohol . Photo pixabay.com

Hiker found alcohol depot in the woods

This weekend, a walker found about 1,650 liters of alcohol in a forest near Halden. There were about 800 liters of beer, 300 liters of wine and 550 liters of liquor on the spot.


The finding was made in the forest near Prestebakke on the Swedish border in Østfold, reports Halden Arbeiderblad.

– It’s definitely talk of a smugglers depot, police officer in Halden, Vidar Andersen, informs.

Andersen will not pinpoint where the discovery was made, but confirms that the alcohol was discovered near a building a little bit off the beaten track. The police have been on the spot and conducted a investigation of the site.

– We hope to find technical traces that can say something about the perpetrators. If not, it will be difficult to pursue the case. We have however removed the goods and thereby made certain that they are not going to be distributed, says Andersen.


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