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Hires rejected asylum seekers – wants a court’s decision


Arne Viste from Stavanger risks imprisonment by hiring rejected asylum seekers that can’t be returned. He wants to have a court decision on their right to work.


Through the staffing company he leads, Toasting has hired four people who have received a final rejection of their asylum application in Norway and who do not have a work permit and legal residency, writes newspaper Vårt Land.

– The situation of these people is inhuman and degrading. Politicians base their policy on making it worse in Norway than in their home country, so that people will leave Norway, says Arne Viste. He says what he does can give him two years in prison, but thinks the risk is worth it.

Viste believes that both the Constitution and human rights are on his side, and he does not hide what he is doing. He informs both the tax authorities and the police, and although the latter says the hiring is illegal, no criminal case has been raised. When Displayed even sued the state to force a trial, but it was rejected.

– I hope for a trial that says this is illegal. Thus, the asylum workers who cannot be returned or work, can receive redress, he explains.

Police are clear on that what Viste is doing is punishable, but says there are other issues that have priority. Neither the Justice nor the Ministry of Labour was available for comment, the newspaper said.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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