Hospital complained about Polish consul

Poland's Embassy in OsloPoland's Embassy in Oslo.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / Scanpix

Oslo University Hospital complained to the Polish Embassy after employees felt threatened by the consul, who has now been expelled from Norway, wrote Aftenposten newspaper.

A year and a half ago, according to Aftenposten, a situation arose at the hospital where doctors felt threatened by consul, Slawomir Kowalski.

The newspaper reported that the consul came to the hospital with two other embassy employees.

His behavior was described as threatening and ongoing, and he was alleged to have shouted loudly and demanded to talk to the hospital director.

The hospital’s legal director, Randi Borgen, confirmed that there was an incident where employees felt threatened by the consul. Forreasons of confidentiality, the hospital cannot go into why Kowalski was there

The Polish Embassy does not want to comment on the case, but referred to the statement they made when the consul was declared undesirable in Norway on Monday. It stated, among other things, that the embassy is satisfied with Kowalski’s work, and that they reject the accusations the Norwegian authorities are making about him.

Also, Skien municipality complained after employees experienced an unpleasant meeting with the consul.

After Kowalski was declared unwanted, Poland replied by asking a Norwegian diplomat to leave the country.

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