Hot air balloon landed in downtown Oslo

Hot air balloonHot air balloons, Photo:

Hot air balloon landed in downtown Oslo

A hot air balloon landed at Ila just off St. Hanshaugen in Oslo on Tuesday evening. Due to the wind conditions, the plan to land on Grefsen had to be scrapped.

The hot air balloon journey started in Oslo and went to Nittedal before the tour was to end on Grefsen. The vessel came in from the North, but since the wind was not favourable, the landing was moved from Grefsen to Evald Rygh’s place in Oslo, between the town houses of Ila, reports NRK.

Basketball court

Air balloon captain Mikael Klingberg says he has landed a hot air balloon a thousand times, but never before on the basketball court at Evald Rygh’s place.

– There was absolutely no reason to be afraid. We have quite a good margin. We could have crossed the fjord, says Klingberg to the canal.

According to the captain, no-one were hurt and everyone held on during landing.

Undramatic landing

Marketing and Communications Kristin Blix-Elton in IT consulting company Steria, which owns air balloon, confirms to VG that the landing is not at all dramatic.

– It was a controlled landing. There were no injuries and no drama. They landed a little distance away from Alexander Kielland’s place, at a small basketball court, says Blix-Elton.


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