From hot to hotter in Europe

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From hot to hotter in Europe, Norway not excepted

Europe is suffering from heat, and in one country after another, heat records are now set at well over 40 oC.

In Paris, the thermostat crept up to 42,4 oC on Thursday. The previous record of 40,4 oC from 1947 was thus thrased.

The highest temperature ever measured in France was recorded in Vergargues near Montpellier in June. The thermometer showed a staggering 46 oC there.

Paris authorities are now warning against sports activities, unnecessary travel and alcohol. People are told to drink plenty of water and check that older relatives and neighbours are faring well.

Gets even hotter

In Germany, a heat record has also been set for the past 24 hours, with 40,5 oC i nGeilenkirchen in Nordrhein-Westfalen on Wednesday night. That only stood for one day, when it was measured 41,5 oC in Lingen, Niedersachsen.

Heat records were also set in Belgium and the Netherlands on Wednesday, but neither were longlived.

a record is set in Deelen, the Netherlands, with 41,7 oC on Thursday. The new record in Belgium reads 40,6 oC, measured at the Kleine-Brogel military base.

The Brits are perspiring

The British are also experiencing record heat. On Thursday the previous July record of 36.7 oC was broken by 36.9 oC at London Heathrow.

The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK is 38.5 oC. That was measured in Kent in August 2003 but stands to fall, according to the meteorologists.

It was measured at 34 oC in Kew Gardens, London, this morning. An exceptionally hot and humid day with lots of sunshine is expected.

The Met Office refers to research that says heat waves will come more frequently, perhaps as often as every other year, due to climate change.



Kotsøy in Trøndelag hottest in Norway thus far

The thermometer showed 34.1 oC at Kotsøy in Trøndelag this morning. That is the highest measured temperature in Norway so far this year.

It is over 30 oC in more than ten places in Trøndelag on Thursday, according to Adresseavisen.

The hottest is at Kotsøy in Midtre Gauldal municipality, where it is measured 34.1 oC at 3 pm. This record is reported by Trønderbladet 

Kotsøy thus broke the previous record of 31.8 oC, which was measured in Gulsvik in Buskerud on June 29th.

According to observations from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, more than 31 oC are measured in Sokndal, Kvithammar, Frosta, Selbu, Garland and Meråker in Trøndelag. It is also measured above 31 oC in Laksfors in Nordland and in Tafjord in Møre & Romsdal, with 31.0 and 31.2 oC, respectively.

For the first time this summer, during the night before Thursday, tropical night occurred in Norway. In Lysebotn in Rogaland (near the Pulpit Rock), in Svelgen in Sogn & Fjordane and in Stavanger, the temperature never fell below 20 oC.

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