Last chance for free HPV vaccine for young women

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The HPV program, which has given almost 120,000 young women free HPV vaccine over the past two years, ends in June. The vaccine reduces the risk of cervical cancer.

A total of 200,000 women born in 1991 or later, have been offered the free vaccine, which consists of three doses.

Figures from the Norwegian National Vaccination Register (SYSVAK) show that over 120,000 have made use of the offer and entered the vaccination program, but only 83,000 of them have gotten all three shots.

Close to 40,000 thus have one or two stabs to go.

“It is now urgent to get the last dose injected. The offer expires on June 30th,” Senior Consultant at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Margrethe Greve-Isdahl informs.

Three injections are the optimum

There must be at least one month between the first and second and at least five months between the second and third shot.

Those who have not yet started the vaccine program thus fail to complete it, but they can still get the first two vaccines. It is also possible to contact your doctor and pay for the last dose yourself.

“We advise those who have started on the program but only received the first vaccine dose, to get the second dose before the deadline expires. Three doses are best, but two are still better than one,” Greve-Isdahl explains.



Administered to every female 7th grader

The vaccine program ensures that women born in the period 1991–1996 receive the vaccine that protects against the HPV virus. A virus which can, among other diseases, lead to cervical cancer. This vaccine has been given to all girls in seventh grade since 2009. Those who attended school before that, haven’t, however, received it.

“Many young women ask if they need to restart vaccination if more than one month has passed between the first and second or more than five months between the second and third doses. The answer is that they do not need to restart. One month and five months are minimum intervals,” Greve-Isdahl stresses.

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