Stronger reactions to husbandry violations

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Stronger reactions to animal husbandry violations

Several cases were discovered in 2018 where animals were seriously adversely affected than in previous years. The number of owners who have been banned from animal husbandry is more than doubled from 2017. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has reported several animal owners to the police.

“It is important for Norwegian animal welfare to strike down on animal owners who do not treat animals well. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority uses strict measures against animal owners that violate the rules for animal welfare,” Minister of Agriculture and Food, Olaug Bollestad (Christian Democrats), states.

“Most animals in Norway are faring well. It is nevertheless very positive that the attention to animal welfare is increasing. Increased concerns from people and follow-up from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority contribute to the fact that animals in Norway have it better,” Bollestad continues.

A growing number of concern notifications

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s annual report on the work on animal welfare shows that the number of concern notifications regarding animal welfare continues to increase. Last year, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority received record-high 12 666 reports of concern. Most concerns from the public are about pets, but there are also many reports involving horses and a few regarding production animals.

Rigorous measures in case of gross violations

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority applies strict measures against animal owners who have grossly violated the rules for animal welfare. In 2018, 78 animal owners were banned from such activity, and 81 animal husbandries were discontinued. Serious animal neglect was revealed in 63 animal husbandries. This is an increase from 42 animal husbandries in 2016 and 46 in 2017. The increase applies particularly to pets, but also cattle and sheep. For pigs, there is a decline from the two previous years.

Prioritises supervision where there is the greatest risk of maltreatment

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority carried out supervision of animal welfare in 7 857 animal husbandries In 2018. The Authority prioritises supervising where there is the greatest risk that the animals are not faring well. Although challenges are encountered with some animal keepers and in some production forms, the figures for severe neglect and the use of the most stringent remedies are low, in relation to the number of animal husbandry and the number of inspections. It is, however, serious for the animals concerned when they do not receive the necessary supervision, care or adequate feed and water over time.

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