Illegal poker club opened in Oslo?

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Major illegal poker club suspected in Oslo

According to Aftenposten, three of Norway’s foremost poker profiles have opened what is probably Norway’s biggest poker club in Storgata, Oslo.


During the last few weeks, a poker club has been established on the fifth floor of the Gunerius building in Oslo. The newspaper Aftenposten has been monitoring the club for several weeks.

Wwhen money is involved, it is only allowed to arrange poker events among friends in Norway, in addition to an annual Norwegian championship. According to the Lottery Authority, poker clubs like the one in Storgata are therefore illegal. The authority informs the newspaper that they will investigate the club and that they can instruct the organizers to halt their tournaments. It will also be considered reporting them to the police.

The three men behind the club are according to Aftenposten, well known in the poker environment. None of them want to comment on the matter to the newspaper.

According to the Food Authority (Næringsetaten) in Oslo municipality there is no license for serving food or alcohol at the premises, and Aftenposten can not verify that the company is registered as a Norwegian company in the National company register (Brønnøysund Registeret).

In recent years, the press has disclosed that there are 10 to 15 illegal poker clubs in the capital. There are probably more than one hundred illegal poker clubs in Norway.


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