Import vehicles made easier

import vehicles Solvik-OlsenMinister of Transport and Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen and car owner Trond Høst point to the red indicator lights on the car that were recently imported from the United States. Now these are also legal in Norway (Photo: Midtbø / Ministry of Transport)

Easier to import vehicles from US, Canada and EEA

– We have made it even easier for car enthusiasts to import the dream car! This says the Minister of Transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen. The Road Directorate introduces new rules if you want to import vehicles from the United States, Canada and the EEA.


The new rules allow for the approval of heavy vehicles and trailers as long as they meet the approval requirements in the originating country. There are still some specific Norwegian requirements, including brakes.

– These simplifications come on top of a number of other changes we have made during this governmental period. It has been important for us politically. It puts the focus on some of the technicalities that are not so big. For many car owners and enthusiasts they are of enormous importance, says Solvik-Olsen.

Key elements of the new regulations

  • The approval requirements in Canada are accepted on as well as US and EEA countries.
  • Heavy vehicles (truck and bus) and trailers are included in the special provisions.
  • It is required that the vehicle has been registered for a minimum of six months in a country other than Norway.

For approval in Norway there is a requirement that the vehicle is in its original or nearly original state:

  • Original design: Vehicle performance at the time of first registration (no matter where in the world this is). This means that vehicles built by several manufacturers, including so-called «upfitters», are accepted when this is done before first registration.
  • Approximate original design: After initial registration (wherever that is), “moderate changes that can not be expected to adversely affect the vehicle’s safety or environmental properties” are accepted.
  • For vehicles in group M1 (passenger car) and N1 (van), after approval in Norway, the same access to change and conversion as cars approved according to normal rules (eg type-approved cars). For heavier vehicles and trailers, the changes must be within the approximate original version, see above.
  • American / Canadian / EEA light equipment are accepted, such as red indicators.

The new rules apply from June 1st, 2017.

Simplification and tax reductions for car owners already implemented

  • Reduced re-registration fee
  • Reduced annual fee
  • Increased usage deduction
  • Removed horsepower tax
  • Reduced road tolls for motor homes to same rate as passenger cars
  • Simplified weight rules for vehicles categorized as light trucks
  • Allows the use of small car signs on cars originally equipped with this
  • Opens for personal characteristics
  • Increased permitted maximum width for motor homes
  • Ensured that motor homes can drive at 110 km/h
  • Simplified regulations for amateur-built vehicles
  • Extended control interval for conservation vehicles older than 30 years
  • Conservation Worthy vehicles over 50 years exempted from the PKK
  • Cleaned up ambiguities surrounding determination of initial registration


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