Its important to discuss sexual harassment and abuse

#MeTooOslo. #MeToo-markering.Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix

Hundreds of people met Sunday afternoon to take part in the #metoo campaign that began on social media to make a stand before Parliament (Stortinget).


The initiators of the event were “Vi tror deg-stiftelsen” (We believe you foundation), founded by Andrea Voldum and June Holm. Voldum, who reported the gang rape attack that is now referred to as the Hemsedal case, says making a public stand, among other things, may be important for those who do not dare to participate with the campaign online.

“I think it’s important that they can meet up here and feel seen,” says Voldum to NTB.

Women worldwide, including Norway, have shared stories of sexual harassment in connection with the #metoo campaign to bring light on how common this is.

The campaign was launched by American actor Alyssa Milano after a number of female actors came forward about the sexual harassment or sexual assault inflicted by the famous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Voldum believes one of the reasons why so many women have joined the campaign is that it is now more acceptable to discuss these topics of sexual harassment and abuse.

“It happened to me last year and I stood up. I think it’s easier to get involved when others dare to say that they too have had this happen. Together we are strong,” she says, and encourages anyone who has experienced something similar, not to be quiet about it anymore.

“Talk about it. Scream out loud. We must not stop talking about it now,” says Voldum.

“This is a call to attention,” says June Holm.

“I am very proud of all who have come out to support and everyone who sees the importance of this campaign and will stand together with us to move forward. Because this is hopefully just the start,” Holm says to NTB.


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