Got fined NOK 12,000 for Halloween costume

HallloweenHalloween. Photo:

Got fined NOK 12 000 for Halloween costume

Pawel Macuiszek was wearing a military jacket, bomb vest and a Palestine scarf during the Halloween celebration. The police issued him with a fine of NOK 12,000 for public disorder.


– I do not accept the fine. I made this costume to scare. It’s the very point with Halloween, Macuiszek says to Bergens Tidende.

Saturday night he was stopped by the police when he was on his way to a Halloween party, wearing a “terrorist costume”.

– Such costumes create fear and do not belong in the city, says Terje Magnussen in the West police district.


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  1. End, even worse, such costumes are cultural appropriation and reproduce stereotypes.

  2. Yes, stop apropriating mujahideen costumes! This is our heritage, not yours! And stereotypes are bad too, of course!

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