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Increase in lynx families in Norway

Lynx NorwayLynx. Photo: Bjørneparken


Increase in lynx families in Norway

This winter, 55 or 56 family groups of lynx (gaupe) in Norway were detected. This is 3 or 4 more than last year, shows new figures from Rovdata (Predator data).


This increase notwithstanding, there are still significantly fewer lynx in Norway than what Parliament wants.

– This represents a population of approximately 330 adult animals before quota hunting in 2017 and before the litter of cubs for this year. This is an increase of 7 percent in the number of adult lynx since last year. The population is still below the national target for the fifth consecutive year, says Jonas Kindberg, leader in Rovdata.

The national population goal is 65 annual family groups. Most of them are found in the region of  Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal, where 18 or 19 family groups are registered. This is above the regional target. Together with Hedmark it is where the populace has increased the most since last year.

Decline in northern Norway

The decline is greatest in Troms and Finnmark, where there are three lynx families less. A family group consists of one female lynx accompanied by one or more cubs.

Rovdata predicts that the population will continue to approach the target numbers in the future. Before the hunt in 2018, they estimate that the population will have increased to 58 family groups.


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