An increase in seizures of medicines for horses amongst Norwegians.

PST right-wing extremist terrorism spy indicted RussianNorwegian Police Security Service (PST) headquarters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The number of seizures of the so-called “horsedope” has doubled since 2008. Kripos (The National Criminal Investigation Service) warns about the purchase of such doping drugs online.


According to Kripos, the illegal drug was confiscated 96 times in 2016 in Norway. An eight-fold in nine years, according to the newspaper VG.
The substance is primarily used as asthma medicine for horses. Nevertheless, there are many Norwegians who use it. The drug is said to provide more energy, increase stamina, increase metabolism and suppress the feeling of hunger.
Medical Director Steinar Madsen of the Danish Medicines Agency, believes the seizure figures are disturbing.
“This is a creepy and dangerous development. It may be thought that it has a connection with the body image you have today. This is a hazardous substance, and heart attacks and deaths have been reported amongst young people in several European countries, says Madsen, who has treated many patients who have used the drug.
According to Madsen, it may also cause anxiety and other various psychological reactions.
Most of the seizures of the drug is done at the Customs Service . Many orders  the “horsedope” on both the open networks and the darknet. Kripos discourages Norwegians from doing this.
“We strongly reject the use of doping agents and diet supplements that has not been purchased at a Norwegian pharmacy. This because of the experience that they are generally of a very poor quality, wrong dosages or contain substances they are not supposed to,” says Ida Dahl Nilssen, communications manager at Kripos.

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