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Increased risk of dying for foreign workers

foreign workersConstruction work. Photo:

Increased risk of dying during work for foreign workers

A report shows that foreign workers in Norway are most prone to accidents. The risk of dying at work is about 1.5 times higher than for Norwegians.


The report has been prepared by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority and the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety. It shows that one in three who died in occupational accidents in construction work in the period 2012-2016 were foreigners.

The analyzes that the Labour Inspectorate and the Norwegian Agency for Occupational Safety and Health have made indicate that the risk of losing the life at work is 1.5 times higher for foreign workers than for Norwegians, the Labour Inspection Authority writes.

Risky work

The report shows that many foreigners who are injured have risky jobs such as demolition and renovation.

– The main explanation seems to be that a larger proportion of foreign workers have more dangerous jobs than Norwegians, shorter working time at the employers and less stable employment, says Director of Labour Inspection, Trude Vollheim.

Of all the foreigners who died, none had been employed for more than four years with the employer, and 60 per cent had been employed for less than one year.

Deputy leader in the Fellesforbundet (trade union), Steinar Krogstad, believes the report confirms a situation that is well known.

– If we want to obtain good protection and a good security culture, we rely on businesses that have union representatives, safety representatives and working environment committees where it is natural to address such questions. Today, it is important for many employers that people can come in, do a job and then take the money and run, he tells the Newspaper News Agency (ANB).


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