Introducing Oslo’s first “anti-plastics warrior”

Anja StokkanAnja Stokkan.Photo Oda Hveem

As the European Green Capital of 2019, Oslo is taking up the battle against plastic pollution.

Anja Stokkan is the municipality’s first anti-plastics warrior, and she is well equipped to combat cotton bud stems, cigarette butts and people’s bad habits.

“Most of the marine debris is lying on the sea bed, and the bed of the Oslo Fjord is covered with plastic and waste. Divers tell us about enormous quantities of plastic that are lying just beyond here.”

Anja Stokkan stands on the beach and points out over the calm waters of the fjord. In one hand she holds what she’s picked up: cotton buds, plastic bottle tops, colourful plastic fragments and a small bag. A long strip of stuff washed up by the sea lies across the sand. On closer inspection, there are many plastic products in amongst the seaweed.

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Source: Text Mari Fosssheim / Norway Today