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Norwegians want money and travel for Christmas

The island of Hvar in CroatiaThe island of Hvar in Croatia.Photo Norway Today Media


In a new survey, most Norwegians respond that they want “travel and experiences” or “money and gift cards” for Christmas.


The survey was performed by Respons Analysis on behalf of the Foundation Electronics Industry. About 1,000 people were asked what they would like most from a list of different types of Christmas presents and they had the opportunity to answer yes to several options.

47 percent of the respondents wanted traveling and experiences. Money and gift cards was second on the wish list at 31 percent.

21 percent want consumer electronics, while 19 percent want sports equipment and 18 percent want music, movies and books.

For the other categories, the answers are as follows: clothes / shoes: 18 percent, interior / home items: 15 percent, jewelry / watches: 9 percent, makeup / cosmetics: 6 percent, other: 6 percent, nothing special / have no Christmas wishes: 22 percent.

In the consumer electronics segment, mobile phones are most popular as Christmas wishes, followed by kitchen products, smart watches / bracelets and tablets.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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