Iran wants closer economic cooperation with Norway

President Hassan RouhaniPresident Hassan Rouhani.(Iranian Presidency Office via AP)

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, said Iran wants to strengthen their economic relationship with Norway, and hopes the private sector in each country will begin cooperation.


Norway’s ambassador to Iran, Lars Nordrum, met the president on Saturday in Tehran, reported the newspaper, Iranian Front Page. Rouhani held talks with several country’s ambassadors on Saturday, to ensure that the world supports the standing nuclear agreement with Iran.

Earlier on the same day, Rouhani denounced USA’s President, Donald Trump, who criticised Iran, and the Nuclear Agreement on Friday. Trump said he chose not to withdraw the United States from the agreement, but didn’t want to sign that the country actually complied with it.

In Saturday’s meeting with Nordrum, the President urged Norway to play a constructive role in maintaining the agreement. He added that Iran is interested in strengthening economic relations with Norway, and that the country wishes to initiate cooperation between the two countries in the private sector.

In response, Nordrum emphasised that Norway, like the EU, supports the agreement. He added that the nuclear agreement is important for Norwegian companies, and that it is seen as an opportunity to form stronger cooperation with the country.

The nuclear agreement was signed in 2015 with the aim of stopping Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.

On Saturday, Foreign Minister, Børge Brende of Høyre (H), told NTB news that Norway is worried about Trump’s attitude to the agreement, and confirmed that Norway views the agreement as crucial in the fight against nuclear weapons proliferation.


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