Jail Sentence for One Meter Drunk Driving

Drunk driving Jail Fine bergenDon't drink and drive. Photo: Pixabay.com

Jail Sentence for Drunk Driving of one meter

A man in his 40s was sentenced to 21 days in prison by the Bergen District Court and was fined NOK 160,000 after driving about a meter in a drunken state.


“If you put the car in motion while you are intoxicated, you break the law,” says Bergen Police Superintendent, Atle Heradstveit, to the Bergen newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the man drove to Sletten Center in Bergen to buy a few bottles of liquor in March 2016. He then drove to a restaurant and parked outside. As the restaurant was still closed, the man waited in the car for an hour and drank a couple of beers and about half a bottle of hard liquor.

When the restaurant opened, he went inside and ordered food and got himself another beer. As he later left and went to his car, the proprietor followed him and informed him that he is not allowed to drive in his condition. Not heeding the warning, he still went to his car.

Another person witnessing the event called the police before he, himself, approached the aforementioned car and opened the driver’s door to stop the drunk from driving away. By then, he had probably driven a meter.

The police came and arrested the driver. The subsequent blood test later showed an alcohol blood per per cent level of more than 0.25.

Facts about alcohol intoxication

Conversion factor between Alcohol by volume to grams/Kg is roughly 0.8, due to that alcohol weighs less than water.

The allowed limit in Norway is 0.02 per cent (volume).

If you are caught with more than 0.05 you face a hefty fine, and if you are heavily intoxicated, you have to go to jail, even for operating a motorized lawn mover in your own yard.

The fine is to some degree linked to your monthly gross income, coupled with the level of intoxication.

An intoxication level of between 0.5 and 0.8 can be lethal to a grown up, much less for a child.

According to Guinness Book of records a man from Finland survived a suicide attempt where his blood test showed a whooping 1.2 volume per cent, after consuming 3 liters of vodka in a short period of time.


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