Kallmyr ready with prison alternative for young criminals

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As of Monday, three cells at Eidsberg prison will be ready for the most viscious amongst our young offenders, TV 2 reports.

In collaboration with the Prison and Probation Service, Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr (Frp) has opened a prison alternative for young criminals, initially with three places at Eidsberg prison in Østfold.

“It is true that the Convention on the Rights of Children says that it will take a lot for those under 18 to go to prison, and therefore the thresholds in the courts are often very high,” the Minister of Justice told TV 2.

But when it comes to gangs that attack random victims, the Minister of Justice believes that this threshold should have been reached.

“I believe that repeated incidents of violence, to gather together youths , create gangs and commit serious crime, should be punished with imprisonment – even if you are under 18,” the Minister of Justice told the TV channel.

Inner Østfold prison, Eidsberg department, is a unit with a high level of security for men. The prison has an ordinary capacity of 102 places, and has an adapted offer for 25 to 40 young prisoners between the ages of 18 and 25, a detox department in accordance with ‘ the Stifinner model’ , and will in addition accept all categories of prisoners.

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  1. So a child with no parental guidence, gets pulled into crime should be punnished, rather then helped? Think about the question. Also sympothies to victums of crime, it’s tough but helping is the best way so attonment and reflection can take place. This same two things that socitey as a whole did to develop our civilisation more within the current present times of today.

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