Klaus Sonstad provoked by people ignoring social distancing during the coronavirus

TV 2.Klaus SonstadTV 2.Klaus Sonstad.Photo: Vegard Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Humorist and TV celebrity Klaus Sonstad raged against joggers, teens and shoppers who do not keep distance when there is real danger of becoming seriously ill.

Sonstad has received over two thousand likes on the post on Facebook on Wednesday, in which he vented that parents have not instructed teens not to go around in gangs who behaved “as if everything is normal”.

“People have to step between them to get past the sidewalk. They block the entrance to the stores and have obviously not understood the difference between becoming seriously ill themselves and passing on the infection to someone who can die from it,” he wrote.

He was also provoked by people who do not keep a distance in the store.

“The coronavirus is super contagious, and many people find it very stressful to go to the store or afraid to go out. All bacteria and viruses are spread this way but this time it is serious. The least you can do is pay attention. People must now take this seriously,” said Sonstad to Adresseavisen.

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