Pharmaceutical company will test medicine on hospitalized corona patients

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The Roche company is ready to test the effects of one of its drugs on patients admitted to hospitals with covid-19.

“We are launching a clinical trial to study RoActemra for the treatment of people hospitalized with covid-19 pneumonia, so we can better understand the potential role of RoActemra in combating this disease,” says Levi Garraway, medical director and manager for global product development at Roche, in a press release.

RoActemra has been on the market for several years and has been used to treat arthritis. However, the new study will look at whether the drug is safe and effective on corona patients.

The company expects to begin testing on patients in early April, with a target of around 330 people globally.

Karsten Bruins Slot, medical director at Roche Norway, states that it is too early to say whether Norwegian patients will be included in the study.

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