Labour to change its asylum policy

Labour immigration Policy IntegrationMasud Gharahkhani . Immigration spokesperson for Labour

Labour informs about stricter asylum policy

The recently appointed immigration spokesperson for the Labour Party, Masud Gharahkhani, announces that the party will tighten up its asylum policy. This as a direct result of the abysmal election results for the Labour Party,


Immigration was the most significant issue for the electorate during the parliamentary elections. A mere 15 per cent believes the Labour Party has the best policy on the issue.

– I’ve heard that some think that we are not recognizable, but let me clearly state that we are not in favour of a liberalization of the current policy. Labour must dare to take on the immigration debate, and the voters should know what our stance is and be familiar with our policy, Gharahkhani tells ABC news.

Aims to regain votes

Gharahkhani, who is himself an immigrant from Iran, wants Labour (Ap) to gain votes through their immigration policy.

– I want to contribute to that Labour becomes a dominant voice in immigration policy. I think it is important that we are crystal clear, that people are confident about what our stance is and that we should have an immigration policy that has legitimacy in the Norwegian people.

Masud Gharakhani together with a dedicated committee will stake the course out for a revamped immigration policy. The committee is to present its conclusions in August.

– We will seek out the Social Democratic Immigration Policy, and I think there are three key issues that we need to address:

  • We can not accept more than we can integrate. Quota refugees are the fairest and obvious choice.
  • The discussion about resource use. In Sweden, they spent more money on asylum immigrants than UNHCR uses on all the rest of the world’s refugees. Is this really human, fair or solidarity?
  • Norway should not have a more liberal policy than comparable countries


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