Labour wants service numbers to prevent violence

Prison,Service NumbersPrison.Photo: Norway Today Media

Service numbers instead of name tags

Labour (Ap) fear that prisoners can take revenge on employees in Norwegian prisons, they have therefore suggested that the prison employees should be  made anonymous through service numbers.


Dagbladet reports that the Labour faction in the Parliament’s justice committee has put forward a proposal that they believe will better safeguard the safety of employees in the correctional services. Violence against, and threats to employees in Norwegian prisons is increasing. In 2013, around 300 episodes were reported.

Last year, 1,048 violent or threatening episodes were registered in prisons, a member of the parliamentary committee, Kari Henriksen, told Dagbladet.

Today, inmates in Norwegian prisons have access to documents relating to themselves. There the names of the guards are stated.

– They’ll see assessments made about penalties for violation of regulation, rejection of representation and leave. Introducing service numbers will reduce the potential for inmates to avenge themselves on the officers. The Norwegian Prisons and Freedom Carers Association have been clear that they want such a policy implemented, said Henriksen.

In 2015, a similar scheme was introduced for police officers, where service numbers instead of names, were written down.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today