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Large boat fire at Sunnmøre

Fire boat Tromsø KvinnheradFire Fighters. Photo:


Large boat fire at Sunnmøre

It is presumably no people aboard a boat that burned at Dimna outside Ulsteinvik night before Friday. The fire is extinguished.


– We are working on getting in touch with the skipper and owner of the boat, but so far, there is no reason to believe that there are people on board, says Kenneth Sætre, Operations Manager in Møre og Romsdal Police District, to NTB at 4.30 am on Friday. Shortly thereafter, the police made contacted and confirms that there presumably are no people onboard the boat.

Preservable vessel

Møre og Romsdal The 110-center informs on Twitter that it was a 60-foot large wooden boat that burned. They report of open flames and much smoke development. Sætre says it is mentioned that there is talk of a preservable vessel, but say they currently have little information about the boat.

Crews from Myrvåg and Herøy assists Ulstein fire departments with the extinguishing work, in addition to the fire brigade and the ambulance are dispatched to the place. One or more smoke divers are going to search through the boat.

The first notice of the fire came a little before 4 am on Friday. Two hours later, the fire department announces that they are in control and are carrying out extinguishing on the site.


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