Law allows for extrajudicial control of weapons

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Law allows for unannounced control of weapons owners

According to the revised weapons act, the police no longer need to notify about controls regarding safe storage of weapons. “Completely incomprehensible,” says the Norwegian Confederation of Weapon owners (Norsk Våpeneierforbund) .


500,000 Norwegian weapon owners risk having the police coming on unannounced visits after the revised weapons act was adopted by the Norwegian Parliament on March 8th, writes Nettavisen.

Earlier, the police had to notify about such controls 48 hours beforehand.

– I am left speechless. It is just completely and absolutely incomprehensible. We are fundamentally opposed to that the police will be able to enter the homes of half a million Norwegians without prior notice, says Chairman of the Norwegian Confederation of Weapons owners (NV),  Are Fosjord.

Petter Eide (Socialist Party), says that the requirement for alerting has been removed in order for the police to be able to reveal violations more easily if there is already a prior suspicion. Eide is a member of  the Justice Committee in the Norwegian Parliament.


Jenny Klinge (Centre party), who is a member of the same parliamentary committee, believes that this is incorrect, as the police already have the opportunity to visit homes unannounced if there is suspicion of criminal circumstances.

– Ordinary weapon control in the homes is something the police do to ensure that people store weapons properly, and as a principle, we believe that law-abiding persons should be given prior notice.

The Centre Party (Sp) proposed to include in the legislative text that the police still need to notify 48 hours in advance prior to ordinary inspection. Their proposal was however rejected.


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