Having less children has the greatest climate effect

ChildrenIllustration: Children.Photo: pixabay.com

New research shows that having less children gives far a greater climate impact than cutting airline flights and car use, according to the magazine Energy and Climate.
A study published recently by researchers from both the University of Lund in Sweden and the University of British Columbia in Canada shows that having less children will give the largest annual emission reduction of CO2 per person, according to Energy and Climate.

The researchers have undertaken a series of individual measures that can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The effect of having one child less can contribute to an annual emission reduction of 60 tons of CO2 per capita. This is something that has 25 times greater effect than living car-free – which is in second place, according to the magazine. Thirdly, the measure to drop transatlantic flights, only contributes to a 1.6 ton reduction.

The research is based on data from industrialized countries which include; the United States, Canada, Australia and the EU. The emission reduction for one child less is calculated from a two-child family. Where mother and father are responsible for half of the greenhouse gas emissions from their children and a quarter of the same emissions from their supposed four grandchildren.

According to the magazine, the study has revealed that neither the recommendations of the authorities nor textbooks in the school, within the countries included in the study, have mentioned any of the three measures that, according to the study, reduce the most emissions.

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