The likelihood of war increases

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The likelihood of war between the United States and North Korea increases

The probability of a preemptive strike against North Korea increases every time the isolated country is testing a missile or nuclear weapon, a republican senator warns. This could lead to an all out war in the region.


An intercontinental ballistic missile was launched from the south of North Korea on  November 29. Pyongyang later informed that the test of the missile Hwasong-15 was successful and that the weapon system can reach all parts of the United States.

US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster in a security forum in Washington on Saturday stated that the possibility of war with North Korea increases day by day.

The United States has demanded increased international sanctions, including cuts in oil supplies to the isolated state, but both McMaster and Senator Lindsey Graham believe the risk of war is growing despite diplomatic efforts.

“I think this would be the most destabilizing period after WWII. Is is something that is a direct threat to us and puts the world at risk, says McMaster.

At the CBS ‘Face the Nation’, Graham said that he thinks America is running out of time.

– The Chinese are trying, but are ineffective, he said.

Beijing has supported a number of sanctions that include a ban on imports of North Korean coal, iron ore and seafood. But China has refused to shut down a pipeline that transports crude oil to the peninsula.

Western experts agree that the missile tested on Wednesday is able to reach the United States. It is unclear whether the country has succeeded in making nuclear weapons small enough to be attached to the missile.


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