Listhaug’s popularity increases

Sylvi Listhaug waggingSylvi Listhaug (Progress Party).Photo

A new poll shows that 41 percent of the population believes that Sylvi Listhaug is doing a good job as immigration and integration minister. There is an increase of 10 percentage points from a survey in February.

The poll, done by Ipsos on behalf of Dagbladet August, shows that 26 percent think she is doing a poor job. In a poll in February 31 percent said sure she does a good job, and 33 percent said it was poor.

Asked whether Listhaug is doing a good job of managing immigration, 59 per cent answered that her performance is good. The figures in May showed 55 percent who said the same.

– Listhaug’s strategy makes her popular among core voters and those who are concerned about immigration, but the downside is that it creates major collaboration issues for the government, says lecturer Ketil Raknes at the  School of Christiania.

Listhaug herself says she does not care so much about what the experts think.
– I have always been keen to stand for what I believe, although some disagree.

It is important to be honest and dare to accept the debate this causes, and I’m going to continue to stand for what I believe.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today