Lithuanians convicted of human trafficking linked to Norway

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Lithuanians convicted of human trafficking linked to Norway

Two men from Lithuania were sentenced to several years in prison for human trafficking after they made a minor boy steal on their behalf in Norway.

After collaboration between the Norwegian and Lithuanian police and prosecuting authorities, the men were sentenced to eight years and seven years and nine months’ imprisonment in the home country’s right of appeal, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

The verdict is enforceable and cannot be appealed.

The men stole or attempted to steal from several stores in Rogaland, according to the verdict. In a released surveillance video from one of the stores, you can see the two come into the store carrying a bag. They behave like regular customers while they look at equipment, while they at the same time are stashing loot in the bag. Afterwards, they call the 16-years–old over, to do as he has been taught to do.

The adult men leave the shop empty-handed, while the 16-years-old takes the bag of loot with him as he tries to leave the store. He is, in this case, held back at the exit.


When the modus operandi was revealed, the 16-years-old was taken care of by the Norwegian child welfare service and sent home to his mother in Lithuania, after being interrogated by the police.

The minor comes from a very poor background, according to the court.  The verdict states that the court believes, within reasonable doubt, that the men asked him to travel with them to Norway and that they intended to make use of him as a stooge to profit from criminal acts.

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