Low pressures in store for western Norway

Low pressures storm rain western norway

Low pressures lining up for western Norway

There will be a short break from bad weather on Monday. Thereafter, several low pressures are forecast for western Norway including Møre og Romsdal, accompanied by rain showers and wind.


The first round of low pressures that entails rainfall and autumn like storm with winds up to 25 to 35 metres in seconds per expected to calm down Friday morning.

The hazard warning was at orange level from Hordaland to Trøndelag south of Trondheimsfjorden.

– Then there will be a bit of respite, but with occasional rain showers Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In inner areas, it is will be quite nice and there are agreeable temperatures, says State Meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute, Ragnhild Nordhagen.

The meteorologist announces a really calm period early on Monday and then there will be another low pressure during the day that will lead to rainfall and increasing wind. This weather heads northwards and reaches Northern Norway during Monday night and Tuesday.

20 degrees centigrade

The temperatures will be around 12 to 17 degrees centigrade in Western Norway over the next few days. Locally it can get warmer, in places where there is not much precipitation.

– Sunday might be a day when it reaches 20 degrees some places away from the coast in western Norway. But most people are quite used to the temperatures now. On Monday temperatures will drop in the afternoon and at the beginning of next week, Nordhagen says.

Affects the country

The low pressure from Western Norway was expected to affect the entire country both before and after the weekend.

Around the Oslo Fjord there was a danger warning with winds up to 20 to 25 metres per second, which are unusual for the area.

– The velocity of the wind is more like an autumn storm. The many who have deployed garden furniture and trampolines must be aware that the wind can grab hold of them. Secure loose objects, is the message to the east Norwegians.


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