Mahamud lost the appeal for his Norwegian citizenship

Oslo.Biomedical Engineer Mahad Abid Mahamud.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

The Court has upheld the decision to revoke the citizenship of Biomedical Engineer Mahad Abid Mahamud.

This is according to the verdict that the Oslo City Court announced on Monday.
On April 22nd of last year the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) upheld the decision to revoke Mahad Abib Mahamud’s (30) citizenship and expel him after 17 years in Norway because he allegedly has lied on his asylum application.
This decision he has taken to court where he now has lost the first round.
This is Mahad case

* Mahad Abib Mahamud came to Norway in August 2000 with no identification papers and stated that he was born in 1986, i.e. that he was 14 years old.
* His asylum application was rejected, but he was granted a one-year residence permit which was renewed in 2002 and 2003.
* Got a permanent residence permit in Norway in 2005. He Asked for Norwegian citizenship in 2006, which was granted in 2008.
* Have the last few years been living in Brumunddal with a family of his own. He previously worked as a bioengineer at Ullevål hospital.
* In April of last year the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) passed a bill revoking his citizenship, deportation and permanent prohibition of entry to Norway.
* On June 6th of the same year the Norwegian Authorities upheld the decision.
* Mahamud then sued the state to overturn the decision. Originally three days were reserved for the trial but it was extended until Friday morning.

“After this review of the case it must be concluded that the evidence makes it very likely that Mahad made false statements about his identity and nationality.” Judge Geir Eivind Grindhaug states in the verdict.
Supposedly from Djibouti
Mahamud was deprived of citizenship after 17 years in Norway, because authorities believe he entered incorrect information about his origin when he applied for asylum. UNE believes that he is from neighbouring Djibouti and not from Somalia as he claimed when he came to Norway at the age of fourteen.
This is sufficiently proven, according to the verdict.


– I’m going to appeal, but I will not be part of this madness anymore and are going to ask the authorities to ship me out of the country and back to Somalia, said Mahamud to TV2 who where the first to publicize the case.
Mahad’s defence lawyer, Arild Humlen, told VG that he has not yet read the verdict, and therefore did not to comment on it yet.
Communications Manager for UNE, Bjørn Lyster, states according to VG that they have not yet had time to read the 51-page ruling, but that they would comment later today.
The case has aroused large publicity, and many have been involved in support of the expelled bio-engineer.


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Source: VG / Norway Today

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  1. FREGEGEGEGRE | 13. March 2017 at 16:15 |

    A great victory for the rule of law! Send the lying bastards out!

  2. Somali & Djibouti are ancestry, just location is different – that is not case.
    Let our citizens send back ASAP or approve Mr. MAHAMUD’s Citizenship now. CBecause, he has been living with you a long period with good characteristic, stability, good worker. Since, he didn’t commit any crime, i think he is impeccable man then. Respect the humanity, you know what century we are living in, 21-st. I hope you’ll rethink twice instead of once.

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