Majority for Red-Green in KrF Women

KrF Women Oddbjørg MinosLeader of KrF Women, Oddbjørg Minos. Photo: Private / Facebook

Majority for Red-Green in the leadership of KrF Women

There is a Red-Green majority in the Central Board of KrF Women. The Governing Body consists of seven out of twelve delegates to be sent to the National Assembly on November 2nd.


Four of the seven in the Governing Body wish to ship a Government together with Labour (Ap) and the Centre Party (Sp) with support from the Socialists (SV), two of them want to remain in opposition, while the last one wishes enter into the current Government despite the Progress Party’s (FrP) participation.

All members of the Central Board will be in the KrF Women’s delegation to the extraordinary National Assembly, in addition to five more to be elected later on Sunday.

Divided meeting

Outgoing leader of KrF Women, Ann Kathrine Skjørshammer, says it’s important that those who are voting to mirror the opinions in the organisation.

the Inaugural leader in KrF Women, Oddbjørg Minos, tells NRK that she advises the party to negotiate with the current Government first.

– I put aside my personal preferences and focus on the issues, she says.

Turid Haaland, who is proposed as the 1st Deputy Leader, believes the Party should remain in opposition.

– I think it’s not loyal to axe Erna, but we promised the voters not to go to bed with the Progress Party (Frp). We must be proud of what we achieve in opposition, Haaland states.

Blue Rogaland

On Saturday, Rogaland KrF surprised some by sending 15 blue delegates to the National Assembly, flanked .by County Governor Solveig Tengesland, who shares Hareiede’s view.

– Rogaland sends a signal to the rest of the Party that I hope is not being listened to, a disappointed KrF Leader, Knut Arild Hareide, tells NTB.

A total of 190 delegates will be sent from the Norwegian counties and Governing Bodies to the extraordinary National Assembly on November 2nd, where the party’s affiliation will be decided.




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  1. Joakim Haugen | 22. October 2018 at 11:33 |

    This headline is very misleading. The article addresses the women in leadership, but only 1 in 4 of the women I the KrF party wants to go left.

  2. That is true, when the article was written it was, however, not clear how the vote for the other delegates were going to be. The remainder of the delegates is indeed for the current Government.

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